Handmade is a much abused term in jewellery.  It should mean that the design has been built up by cutting sheet or wire silver, shaping it, soldering it, filing it  until eventually the design is complete. In practice it is often used to describe jewellery that has been cast from a mould, and merely hand finished, which means a small amount of filing and polishing (by machine).  There is not much truly hand made jewellery currently made in the UK, but Byezantium does still offer genuine handmade jewellery, usually to order.  It has the advantage that, as the settings are made individually, any size or shape of stone can be used, and a truly unique design produced. 

The amount of work involved usually means it will be more expensive than cast jewellery, rather like original paintings  being more valuable than prints.

Opal and 18ct

Moonstone and18ct

Opal and silver

Opal and 18ct

Moss agate, ruby spinel and silver perfume bottle

Similar pieces can be ordered using stones provided by you or by Click here to go to the Byzantium Jewellery home page Each item is individually designed and is therefore unique. They are made in a style that owes something to the Polish tradition of handmade jewellery, and to Art Nouveau.
Opal perfume bottle/ pendant 75 with chain

Silver and Opal

Moss agate,silver

OpalHMr.jpg (35092 bytes)

Opal and silver

Agate and silver

If you would like your own stone set in this style, bring it to our shop in Rye at the weekend for a range of designs and quotes. If you would like to choose from our wide range of stones, you can email  andy@byezantium.co.uk and we will arrange to show you a selection of your favouite stone- what we don't have, we can get!

Carnelian, silver

Moonstone, silver

Labradorite Bottle

Nephrite Jade, silver

PearlR.jpg (33105 bytes)

Pearl, turquoise and silver