Many healing properties are attributed to natural stones, and below there is a very brief summary of some of them. Further reading is recommended. Please note the emphasis on the word natural - it seems highly unlikely that synthetic stones would carry any healing powers.  Also that we have listed the properties of gemstones, but that there are many minerals that are believed to have healing properties, and are not listed here. 

Amethyst Exerts a calming, spiritual influence, can help to deal with grief and can ease pain or tension
Amber Promotes a carefree and creative disposition, combined with self confidence.  It is said to aid healing, especially with problems with the joints, liver, spleen, stomach and kidneys.
Apatite This mineral opens the throat chakra, reduces tension and will also help to reduce stuttering. In addition, it improves expression.
Fluorite Can help with respiratory and psychosomatic, allergic problems, and can aid freedom of thought. 
Garnet Is helpful in a crisis, promotes self -confidence and courage, and can help the body to regenerate and heal wounds
Iolite Associated with the Ayurvedic tradition, iolite stimulates psychic awareness and promotes intuition, leadership qualities and self-confidence.
Jade A spiritual stone, jade aids responsivity, the nervous system and metabolism.
Moonstone Can help to balance hormone cycles by acting on the pineal gland. In the far East it is credited with aiding love magic, and is regarded as being lucky.
Opal Regarded by some as unlucky, and by others as lucky, opal brings joy and spontaneity, and enhances health generally, by strengthening the will to live
Pearl Promotes maternal bliss, purity, innocence, serenity, and tranquility, and is good for breathing disorders
Peridot Helps with skin problems such as warts, benefits the liver helps to control anger and promotes self-determination
Spectrolite Dispels illusions and can help lower blood pressure. It exerts a calming effect
Sugilite The New Age gemstone -Sugilite can help to clear the mind, making the way open for the raising of consciousness. It is also beneficial in opening and centering of the Heart Chakra

Imperial: Strong and steady, promotes mental clarity, focus, perceptively, high level concepts, confidence, personal power, stamina. Helps with insomnia, worries, fears, depression, exhaustion and stress.
Blue: good for creative expression, writing and focus - removes arrogance 

Tourmaline Tourmaline is believed to relate to the  chakras. It helps maintain and stimulate the energy centres and aids inspiration. It increases understanding and lessens fears. It also promotes self-confidence
Turquoise Can bestow foresight  and also exerts a calming influence. It can alleviate rheumatism, can help with viral infections and has anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects.

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