Garnet occurs in several different varieties, with different characteristics:

These varieties are made up of widely differing chemical structures and can be composed of a mixture of the different kinds.

Almandine Red with violet tint
Andradite usually not suitable for jewellery
Grossular Green, yellow, brown
Hessonite also known as cinnamon stone - brown/orange
Demantoid Green - can be confused with emerald
Spessartite Orange to red-brown
Rhodolite Rose or pale violet type of pyrope
Pyrope Red with brown tint

These various varieties have of course different values, but you will most often see pyrope or almandine set in jewellery, and they are not expensive if they are small. The green varieties of garnet are rare and can be very valuable, and so are sometimes faked using doublets of red garnet with green glass underneath.

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