Byzantium now has an even wider range of jewellery at the new shop in Rye. The building has been subject to an archaeological survey, and is slightly older than we thought, dating from the 1580's rather than 1605 as we were originally told.

This is exciting, as it means it is Elizabethan - Tudor, rather than Stuart; and Shakespeare was yet to write his most famous plays, and the Gunpowder plot not yet hatched!

We also have an unusual range of gifts from around the world, including silk lampshades from Vietnam, soapstone carvings from Kenya, Celadon pottery from Thailand, handmade antique leather books, photo albums and sketch books from India, amongst many others.


At the time of writing (Christmas Eve), the shop has only been open a week, and the response has been fantastic - Rye is a lovely place and we have lost count of the number of people who have congratulated us and welcomed us to the heart of Rye Citadel.


New shopfront